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Petrocam Trading (Pty) Ltd, established in 2004, is an entity focused on commodity trading in Africa. Petrocam has in the last 10 years developed invaluable and competitive experience in operating in developing countries and has cemented its ability to facilitate trade in emerging and developing markets, relating to African import and export flows of commodities.


We provide flexible trading solutions to accommodate the requirements of suppliers, buyers and financial institutions by efficiently pooling together industry experience and resources to offer full turnkey supply and logistics solutions for commodity trading in Africa.


We are able to optimally facilitate petroleum trading from a risk management perspective by taking charge of the delivery of products to customer’s tank farms and warehouses using our “Cradle to the Grave” approach, mitigating the risks end to end throughout the supply chain.




While Petrocam deals in a spectrum of commodities, its primary trade remains currently within the Petroleum Industry trading in refined petroleum products such as Gasoline, Gasoil, Kerosene, Naphtha, Lubricants and Greases into the African continent with a huge focus on West Africa.


In West Africa, we offer additional services to the trade providing STS and chartering solutions for our customers to facilitate their trade more efficiently and conveniently.


Petrocam has a well-established customer base and we are focused on a client centric approach. Our trading activity is principally direct with the source based suppliers or manufacturers.


Petrocam’s flexible structured trade solutions reduce and mitigate the risks inherent in transactions, which the transacting parties would otherwise be exposed to. In the logistical implementation for delivery of our products we utilize our established and reliable network panel of specialists which include financial institutions, insurers, independent inspection and verification agents, credible vessel brokers and owners, logistics providers and shipping agents, all with a global footprint. We are thus able to ensure that we can implement all transactions end to end without operational risks impacting our transactions.



Corporate Social Responsibility


Petrocam is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives. Petrocam believes that with its own growth and success, the community within which it operates should simultaneously benefit. We participate in several community development projects independently or  in partnership with non-profit organisations on a continuous basis investing in community centres, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills Development programmes, Education and welfare for orphans and the underprivileged persons, youth development programs and disaster relief projects wherever a crisis may exist.


“Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavours … Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations."

~ Albert Einstein


Petrocam Trading  Nigeria Limited

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Petrocam Ghana Ltd

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Petrocam Kenya Ltd   

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Petrocam Trading (pty) Ltd

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South Africa


Petrocam Location


Petrocam has established offices in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya and we have an ambitious expansion strategy in place.


Petrocam believes in investing in the countries in which we operate in the form of both skills development and infrastructure investment. We believe that skills development, leadership opportunities and an emphasis on quality service delivery form the core of an organisation’s ability to grow and prosper. We place great emphasis on up-skilling our staff facilitating the continuous promotion and development of employees within the organization which encourages employees to continue to learn and invest in themselves and the company.


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